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Great Mother’s Great Daughter

By Minhas Begum, Program Assistant, TMF, Mardan Region.

Sargand School is situated in a backward area of District Mardan. Near about Seventy students are enrolled in this school.

This interesting story is related to class 5th students’ Aisha. The story is in her own words. She tells:

We are three sisters and four brothers. Our father was a tailor. He was drug addicted due to which he could not continue his work. Now the quarrels were started in the house and my father world beat my mother.

My mother was compelled to leave my father to his misbehavior and we migrated to village Surgand. Our misfortune came with us and my elder brother has also started drugs. But my mother was very courageous and bold woman. She started sewing and serving in houses. She started to earn money, but we were living hand to mouth and we could not get education with this meager income. Then one day HDF-TMF team visited our village. There was an association in our village. The HDF-TMF decided that what we needed most in our village.

They passed a resolution of starting a school in our village. When we heard this news the all people of our village became overjoyed. Fortunately, I got admission in HDF-TMF girls school, while my brothers were admitted in the boys school. My mother used to come to our school. She was very much interested in education. Once she expressed her desire of getting education to our teacher. So, she was also admitted in our school. Now by the grace of Allah she can sign her name and can read and write.

We were passing through difficult circumstances. So I started great hard work and got positions several times. When I reached to 5th class, so I continued my struggle because this time I had to appear in the Government Board Examination. So, I took the examination and when the result was announced my joy and my mother and teacher happiness knew no bounds when I got the first position in the whole HDF-TMF schools. I got 577 out of 700 marks. Every one praised and encouraged me.

Now my mother admitted me in Shah Dhand Baba School in class 6th, which is situated in Mardan District.

Inshallah, I shall continue my struggle and hard work and a day will come when I shall be able to give full support to my great mother.

Do pray for me, “May God fulfill my Dreams”.

In the last I am grateful to HDF-TMF and I shall always remember those people in my prayers through whom I and thousands like me are getting education.

Date/Time Last Modified: 8/3/2003 10:02:28 PM

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