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Why is making new year resolutions important to you?
Helps me stay focused on my goals and vision in life
Helps me renew my spirit to improve myself and others
It's the tradition of the Prophet (pbuh) & successful people
Helps me evaluate my progress, success & failures
Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “Every Muslim must give charity.” Some people asked, “What if he has no money?” He replied, “He should work with his hands, and meet his needs as well as give charity to others.” They asked, “What if he could not, or did not, do that?” He replied, “Then he should assist a needy person in distress.” They asked, “What if he could not do that as well?” He replied, “He should then teach good things. They again asked, “And, if he could not do even that?” He replied, “Then, he should refrain from harming anyone. That, too, be a charity on his part.” [Bukhari & Muslim]

Feudalism in Pakistan

It should be commonly understood that feudalism as a mode of production does not exist. However, it is the feudal ways and norms that remain the bane of underdeveloped societies. Consequently, the term "feudalism" is used to describe pejoratively "anything reactionary, old-fashioned, or resonant of aristocratic values" (Oxford Dictionary).

Feudalism: a myth or mother of all ills? - Dr Mahnaz Fatima
Feudalism’s Aversion to Education - S. Arif Hussaini
Pak Media and The Feudal Lords - Massoud Ansari
South Asia's feudalism - Ishtiaq Ahmed
Feudalism: root cause of Pakistan’s malaise - Sharif M Shuja
Books on Feudalism in South Asia



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