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Fight pollution
in Pakistan

Did you ever notice the layer of smog, dust and smoke that hangs above Karachi? Or the smell of gasoline that permeates the air? The level of air pollution in Pakistan's two largest cities, Karachi and Lahore, is estimated to be 20 times higher than World Health Organization standards. Islamabad, the capital, is perpetually smothered by a thick cloud of
Smog that hides views of the Margalla Hills that tower over the city's tree-lined streets.

Yes, pollution is alive and well in Pakistan. Whether it's from cars, factories or other sources, Pakistanis are regularly breathing in pollution.

Sadly, few know about its disastrous effects on their and their children's health. At the least, pollution causes coughing, sore throat and nasal discharge. At the worst it leads to asthma, tumors, lung damage and death.

You can start the fight against pollution by working to educate Pakistanis about pollution: its description, causes and effects, and what they can do about it.

Begin by studying the material available in America about pollution. The internet is the best place to start. There are numerous environmental organizations in the US and abroad that have excellent websites about ecology and pollution. Check out what information they have available about pollution. Look for articles that explain pollution in a straightforward manner.

Do the same thing with organizations not on the web. Find out if they have free pamphlets or booklets about pollution and its effects on health, as well as what citizens can do about it.

Once you've gathered all of the material that you feel will help Pakistanis abroad deal with pollution, get the permission of the publishers or writers to get the literature translated into Urdu. This should not be a problem, but it is still important to check if the work is copyrighted.

Get the articles translated into Urdu. If you have some funds, get a professional translator or translators to do it. Make sure to give them a deadline so that they finish the job quickly and you can get the material printed.

Printing requires some funding. If the burden is too much for you, then collect donations from family, friends and Pakistani-American businesses to cover the costs. Make sure you send a thank you note along with a complimentary copy of the pamphlets to them to show that their money was used properly.

Now it's time to send the material to Pakistan. Distribute it amongst family and friends. Also, give it to a couple of newspapers in Pakistan so that they can publish it for the benefit of their audience.

Also on your next trip to Pakistan, find out how the issue of pollution and environmental issues in general are discussed in elementary and junior high schools in your city. Talk to both students and teachers. Show them examples of how ecology and environmentalism are taught in America, such as through textbooks, films and class projects. When you go back to America, make a point of translating this kind of information as well and send it to interested teachers in Pakistan.

Another way you can help is by developing articles for visitors to Pakistan. The subject: how a visitor to the country can keep him or herself healthy and safe from the effects of pollution while visiting.

Developing a website about pollution in Pakistan is also a wonderful way to educate others about this topic. In addition, because it will reach Pakistanis all around the world, it may inspire others to do something to fight pollution in Pakistan as well. Your site should include your translated pamphlets, information about what people can do about pollution in Pakistan and statistics. Also, add links to sites that discuss the topic.

Finally, try to target industries in Pakistan who you think are the number one polluters in Pakistan. Start a campaign in Pakistan's newspapers and on your website of making them responsible for it, exposing them and encouraging them to adopt certain measures. By the same token appreciate those industries that do try to adopt practices to avoid pollution.

Date/Time Last Modified: 6/17/2002 3:48:04 PM

Readers' Comment

Ahmer: 1/15/2006 10:39:35 PM
Government should take immediate action to cut down the pollution in Karachi. Because it is killing us.

M.NADEEM KHAN: 1/16/2006 10:55:02 PM
being a student of english literature and having study of lot of literature and books concern the history, development , progress and success of a nation,i wana say that this artical is a nice effort but we have to consider that whats the education rate is in pakistan n how much people aware about pollution? like fightpollution we have to start a fight against illiteracy coz according to my observation if the education rate better than it is easy to fight against pollution of all sort. anyway it is nice effort that should continue. thanx

Muhammad Saleem: 5/15/2006 11:34:05 AM
I was in Pakistan last week there was a campain on pollution, the city govt wanted to inspect all vehicles, the buses went on strike, I dont know what happened next ,I live in Vancouver, thanks to everyone for their efforts and time, May Allah reward you all - I will be willing to help personally and financially, but the busy life will not allow much time, thus I need someone to design and prepare the pamphalte proof and I will get them published - we all will share the reward- Regards Saleem

seema: 8/4/2006 11:58:14 AM
All of these suggestions are really good, but unless the people of Pakistan aren't educated about the causes and effects of pollution, their lives will continue to be in jeopardy. I am aware of the fact that Pakistan has a low literacy rate, by raising this rate, it'll be easier to educate them on pollution and its effects. good luck with everything =)

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