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The Messenger (peace be upon him) said, I saw a man leisurely walking in Paradise. He was given this reward for cutting down a tree which had blocked a road and caused inconvenience to people. [Muslim]
Give a gift subscription to a Pakistani library
of a leading foreign policy journal

There are approximately 182 public libraries in Pakistan. In America, there are 8,967.

Since Pakistan gained its independence in 1947, no scheme for the development and modernization of libraries has been devised, according to a paper by Mohammad Khan Marwat presented at the 1996 conference of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions.

Given this lack of support for public libraries in Pakistan, why not send a gift subscription to a Pakistani library of a leading foreign policy journal.This is a good way of improving the quantity and quality of what is available for readers in libraries with tight budgets. In addition, the inclusion of a good foreign policy journal provides important information about Pakistan's place in the world according to others' perceptions and interests. This is especially important vis-a-vis America.

But before you send off a check to your favorite foreign policy publication, you've got to do some legwork.

First, you have to contact the library and find out if they accept gift subscriptions. If they are willing to accept them, then would they be willing to be subscribed to a leading foreign policy publication for five years? Also, how does the library's administration decide what new material is to be included and what is not? What is the procedure they follow?

If the library accepts gift subscriptions but wants to review the publication beforehand, choose a journal with well-written articles and solid analysis that can give readers a good insight into world affairs and American foreign policy. If you can afford two subscriptions, consider sending a gift subscription to a foreign policy journal focused exclusively on Pakistan or South Asia as well.

Once you've selected your publication, send a sample copy of the most recent issue to the library for consideration. Mail the magazine or drop it off in person if you're on a visit to Pakistan.

If the library accepts the journal into their collection, make sure to send off the gift subscription as soon as possible and follow up to check that they receive the publication regularly. Send a thank you card or call the library to show your appreciation for their acceptance of your gift.

Date/Time Last Modified: 6/17/2002 3:48:08 PM

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