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Invest in a
Pakistani business

You can give the Pakistani economy a boost by investing in a local business. Not only will this be good for you and the company, but it is also a very good way of providing employment to residents of areas where the company's factories are located.

Buy stocks, shares or become a partner in a business that is not only doing well, but also meets other criteria.

One of these critera is that the business is moral and beneficial to local residents. So for example, you would not support a company that manufactures cigarettes, since this obviously is detrimental to the health and welfare (not to mention wallets) of Pakistanis. Instead, you would choose a business that produces foodstuffs, textiles or publishes books, for instance. These are clearly companies that are not only providing employment to their workers, but are also producing material which is necessary for the nation.

The second criteria for selecting a business to invest in is that the inviduals involved, including the CEO, managers, workers, etc. are honest and reliable. No bribery, corruption or cheating takes place. Also, the product being manufactured is not tained to deceive customers.

A third criteria for business selection is how workers are treated. Are they paid a fair salary? Are they paid on time? Do they receive health care benefits? What is the company's policy with regards to termination of workers? Is the environment in which they work safe from physical and environmental hazards? Is the work atmosphere free of violence, threats and all kinds of harassment? In general, what you want to know is if the business respects labor standards and workers' rights.

Finally, you need to establish whether or not the company respects the environment or violates it. For example, does it dump toxic sludge from one of its factories into the local water supply? Does it knowingly do nothing to stop its production of dangerous gas in its factories which is harmful to the people and environment in the surrounding area?

Of course, don't forget the basic questions like how well has the company done financially in the last five years, for instance. You obviously do not want to invest your money in a dying or incompetent business.

All of these above-mentioned criteria require thorough research and verification. Don't hesitate to take your time with this endeavor. It is better to take longer than to invest quickly and later find out the company is involved in some illegal or harmful practices.

The additional advantage of supporting businesses which meet the criteria listed above is that, if your investment is substantial and you make it public, you can set an example for other companies. In other words, you can give them the message that investors from abroad are willing to support Pakistani business on the condition that there is fairness and justice in all dealings as well as benefits to the local population. Your example can also positively influence other investors to set the same standards for deciding where they will invest their money.

If possible, specify what you to spend your investment on in the company. The education of workers, health care for them and their families, a new factory in an area suffering from severe unemployment, new positions within existing factories so that jobs can be created, are just some ways to make the most of your investment. This way you can choose concrete methods by which the company can use your money to benefit the average Pakistani.

When you do get your return, reinvest in the business. Also, spread the word among your family and friends, as well as Pakistani-American businesspeople about this great company which merits their support morally and financially.

Date/Time Last Modified: 6/17/2002 3:48:22 PM

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