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Allama Mohammad Iqbal
~ A Poet and Reformer of Islam ~

Dr. Mohammad Iqbal, the Islamic poet-philosopher who played such a vital role in the birth of Pakistan, was the first to advocate the formation of independent Muslim state for the subcontinent. In 1930, in his capacity as President of the Muslim League, Iqbal was the first to use a political platform to launch the concept of a separate homeland for Muslims. We have researched, selected, and annotated a few links below for you to learn more this profound thinker:

Life & Milestones

Mohammad Iqbal: A Voice of His People
As a poet Iqbal represented in perhaps the most sensitive manner, the collective consciousness of his people during a certain period of their history. He was able to do so because he maintained a constant and direct contact with his audience at all levels.

Allama Iqbal's Biography
A summarized version of Allama Iqbal's biography according to Syed Abul Hassan Nadwi in "Glory of Iqbal".

A Day In the Life of Allama Iqbal
An interview with Mian Ali Bakhsh, the life-long domestic assistant of Allama Muhammad Iqbal. It was conducted by Pakistani man of letters Mumtaz Hasan on 23 September 1957.

Iqbal's Thought and Contributions
A unique contribution of Iqbal to the contemporary Islamic thought is his bracketing modern science with 'God-consciousness' which he considers more precious than mere belief in God. He equates the scientist's observation of nature with seeking a kind of intimacy with God.

Iqbal: Poet-Philosopher of Pakistan
Explore this comprehensive & resourceful work on the life, books, publications, poetry, and intellectual contribution Allama Iqbal, "the most daring intellectual modernist the Muslim world has produced." This site could be viewed in English & Urdu. Features include several articles/works written about Iqbal & his publications.

Muhammad Iqbal: A Manifestation of Self-reconstruction and Reformation
"If one were to reconstruct the form of Islam, which has been made to degenerate over the course of history, re-assemble it in such a way that its spirit could return to a complete body, and transform the trumpet of Israfil were to blow in the 20th century over a dead society and awaken its movement, power, spirit and meaning, it is then exemplary Muslim personalities like Mohammad Iqbal would be reconstructed and reborn " - Dr. Ali Shariati.

Overview: Life of Mohammad Iqbal
Iqbal was the first poet in Urdu who not only had the background of modern English education but also got educated in Western universities. His stay in Europe brought about radical changes in his thought and perception. His world-view underwent a sea change.

Poet of the East
A website dedicated to Dr. Muhammad Iqbal, a Man of Peace and Equality for every person regardless of race, religion, region and caste. This site contains his famous book, Bange-Dara and several selected verses of poetry.

Click here to explore a collection of works by and on Iqbal

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